New Zealand wins the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens event

There is nothing stopping New Zealand right now and regardless of competition, the All-Blacks win back to back games. The World Cup is the event that everyone is anxiously waiting for, but meanwhile there are plenty of matches and trophies to be won. New Zealand won the Hong Kong Sevens after a 3-year break following a dazzling display of power and precision.

New Zealand wins the Hong Kong eventEngland did a fine job throughout the event but they were no match for the All-Blacks in the final and couldn’t manage more than 7 points. Their defenses were tested early in the game and failed too much to keep the team alive, eventually allowing 26 points. They were never in charge and after Tim Mikkelson, DJ Forbes, Sam Dickson and Ben Lam scored in the first half, England kept chasing without success.

Sometimes the score can be misleading in rugby, but it is only fair to say that this was a one-sided match that New Zealand won without breaking a sweat. The World Series champions scored a big win over their South Hemisphere rivals by winning in Hong Kong. South Africa is scrambling to build a compact team that could challenge the All-Blacks later this year but they have a huge gap to close.

The tournament was a treat for fans and rugby enthusiasts who attended and those who were in the stands for the England vs Fiji match were in for a treat. Few expected Fiji to play so hard as they did, but eventually it was England to claim a spot in the final. There weren’t any surprises in the final stage of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, as Fiji cruised past the USA while New Zealand crushed Australia by 19-7.

One match before the semi-final, their rivals had a hard time overcoming Canada who held its ground brilliantly and only lost 14-12. Scotland’s performance in the match against France was truly memorable and the Scotts fully deserved the 31-5 victory. Individual players set milestones of their own, with Collins Injera becoming the third most successful try scorer while Duarte Moreira scored a hat-trick for Portugal, who defeated Sri Lanka 24-19.

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