Kansas City takes another jab at World Series

Kansas City Royals had an excellent opportunity of winning the World Series after a long drought, but their hopes were shattered by San Francisco Giants. The team from the West Coast proved to be a tough nut to crack and their superior experience was essentially determining the winner. This doesn’t mean that the Royals have forsaken or who, in fact they are ready to return to their winning ways and 2015 is the year when they make the first attempt.

kansasMeanwhile, they need to strengthen their rotation, so that the next time they lock horns with a superior opponent, they will have a fighting chance. Among those that will probably join the team at the end of the training season is Alex Rios, who recently participated to the team’s annual FanFest. He has been with the Royals for quite a while, but fitness concerns have kept him away from the pitch and all this could be behind him when spring training resumes.

Kansas City is repairing with a couple of training games and having Alex back in the rotation would mean a great deal for their chances. He has played with other teams and has plenty of experience, at 33 years old so it is entirely up to him to lead the Royals to another deep playoff run. He underwent surgery in the second half of 2014 but recent signs are positive and it looks like he has fully recuperated.

Kaufman Stadium is where he will return to practice, with Lorenzo Cain being just one of the top players that will join him. He won the MVP last season as the best player for the Royals and together these two pack quite a punch and should help the team dominate division rivals. Speaking of which, this is expected to be a highly competitive one and anything can happen in over 80 games played.

The Royals will also need a couple of new players, but so far it is uncertain what acquisitions are worth making because there are not many players to choose from. Those who are free of contact are in the situation for good reason and Kansas City can’t afford to sign anyone who is not playoff material. Things have changed radically since 2010 when they had a losing record and in 2015, it is imperative for them to build on the existing momentum.

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